Effective Recruiting within an ERP system

It almost goes without saying that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems can make life a whole lot easier for a company. Communication of data between departments is much easier because there is a single source of information. The cost saving can be enormous but there are a couple of tumbling blocks. A big one is in the area of employment because of a witch’s brew of information. Employee data can vary from job to job and search to search. It isn’t easy to standardize the bytes of information and too often recruiters are forced to rely on Excel spreadsheets, here wasting time and energy and resulting in less efficient searches.  RChilli Inc. is able to bring sanity to the entire process with its resume parsing and analysis services. Among other things, viagra 40mg RChilli Inc. is able to:

  • Integrate quickly with any ERP database. The use of an Enterprise Web API permits high levels of scalability and the analysis and parsing of literally thousands of resumes;
  • Integrate any web based scripting language viz. Java, prescription cold Fusion, ASP.net, php etc. using SOAP
  • customize fields of candidate data so that a particular search can receive the attention that it fully deserves;
  • Drastically reduce time spent on search. Recruiters no longer have to use Excel spreadsheets to hold data related to a given candidate search. RChilli’s resume parser can move quickly through a whole batch of resumes, processing each in a matter of a few seconds and delivering highly usable data in no time at all.

The obvious benefit of using RChilli’s products and services is that company employment recruiters are allowed are able to step back from the task of manually inputting information into databases, effectively eliminating the potential for serious human error to crop up. Searches are now fully automated and work in concert with the ERP organizational databases instead of at cross purposes with them. What was once a very antiquated means of searching for candidates can thus be upgraded into the 21st century, generating talent searches with exceptional results.

RChilli Inc. enables a team of employment recruiters to use all of their analytical skills and savvy for finding the right people, instead of having to do the clerical work of data input. An ERP system doesn’t have to be an obstacle or challenge. Using RChilli Inc. resume parsing services makes the task of finding just the right candidate a whole lot easier and far more effective than the old fashioned means of seeking such a person.

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